Create Reports

Generate & Export Reports, Mailing Lists & Files

Get the information and images you need out of PQ Online and into your own application, labels, report, spreadsheets or presentations.

Reports — new reports added frequently!

  • Full-page property profiles for each parcel.
  • Short reports with abbreviated information for up to five parcels per page.
  • List reports, showing the APN, ownership and address for up to 30 parcels per page.
  • Mailing lists.
  • USDA Soil Survey reports — PQ Online matches parcel shapes with an overlay of soil types, slope, Storie index, quantity of each soil type in acres and as a percentage of the property.
  • California Coastal Commission reports — Know for sure whether your property is within the jurisdiction of the CCC.
  • Electronic files (.pdf) you can attach to an email, website, or other document.


  • Mailing labels — Once you've created your property list, create labels with the mailing address of the owner or the physical address of the property, with or without the APN.
  • Images — Use the Current Image Capture feature to create an aerial photo or street map overlaid with your selected parcels and other informational layers.
  • Spreadsheets — Export all the data you select into an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Mail merge — Export names and addresses for merging into letters and other documents.
  • APN maps — In a single step, extract APN maps associated with parcels in your results list.
  • GIS shape files — Export parcel boundaries into a shape file compatible with your GIS system.