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All 58 counties. All 13 million properties. We have updated data on every parcel in California, accessible in a variety of ways and search parameters. Search by county or the entire state at once.

Search for Property Data

PQ Online starts with the assessors' data and complements it with all the information you need from other official government sources. The result? A complete picture of every property without compromising the integrity of the original assessor data. PQ Online offers three different ways to locate information about a property:

Text Search.

Type in the information you know and PQ Online will tell you the rest — APN, owner name, address, square footage, recent sale information, value, bedroom and bathroom count, longitude and latitude — you name it. We have countless ways to search using a variety of fields.

Map-Based Search.

PQ Online features highly interactive maps. Zoom in on an aerial or street map to find the area you're looking for. Click on a rooftop in an aerial photo or select a point of interest on a street map, and you'll be linked to all the information about a specific property — address, APN, owners' names, assessment data, parcel boundaries, parcel maps and more. Select a parcel or group of parcels, or draw a point, a line or custom area on the map and find out which parcels are in that area.

Buffer Search.

Search by proximity to your subject property in feet, meters or miles. Search by parcel or draw a point, a line or a polygon on the map and find out which parcels are in that area.

Find Property Owners

PQ Online shows primary owner names and addresses for every property in the state. With just a click, you can easily identify the owner of each commercial or residential parcel — both individuals and legal entities — and also learn much more about the property, including property use type, land value and property characteristics.

Our ownership data is updated and in sync with county tax records. We don't display new owner names until they are officially verified by the assessor's office. This eliminates errors in legal notifications and mailings that are common when using data keyed from unverified recorded documents.