Contact Property Owners

Identify & Notify Primary Property Owners in California

Who owns properties nearby? PQ Online shows primary owner names and addresses for all 13 million properties in California, regardless of property type. With just a click, you can easily identify the owner of each parcel — both individuals and legal entities. Use PQ Online for legal notifications, variances, use permits, liquor licenses and other notification purposes.

Find Owners by Address, Location or Proximity

PQ Online offers a variety of tools to identify property owners wherever they may be, whether they're scattered throughout the state or county, or in the community adjacent to your parcel of interest. For example, you can search by APN or address, search by location on a map, or search by proximity to your subject property.

Here's a key PQ Online advantage when it comes to identifying property owners: our ownership data is updated and in sync with county tax records. In other words, we don't display new owner names until they are officially verified by the assessor's office. This eliminates errors in legal notifications and mailings that are common when using data keyed from unverified recorded documents.

Notify Owners Quickly and Easily

Once you've identified owners, PQ Online helps you create mailing lists and labels to complete your project. You can export names and addresses for a mail merge and create mailing labels using either the property address or the mailing address.