View & Edit High Resolution Parcel Maps

Print, Save, & Export Parcel Maps

PQ Online assessor parcel maps are the clearest available. Even tiny lot dimensions are legible. All maps are included — assessor map pages, book index maps and county-wide index maps — giving you the big picture options you need. You can also zoom, pan and customize maps:

  • Measure. Trace around a parcel or any custom area and instantly calculate the acreage and lot dimensions.
  • Add text. Annotate maps using custom verbiage. Change fonts and text size.
  • Highlight. Use one or more colors to highlight multiple sections on a map.
  • Add arrows. Identify specific property features with various arrow markers.

Finally, you can save your customized map — either the entire map or relevant portions — in an image file and download it, attach it to an email, print it, post it or use it in other documents.