Use Interactive Street & Aerial Maps

View Parcels with Google Maps & Add Information Layers

What's a Layer?

Our visual layers are transparent layers of information that can be added on top of an aerial photo or street map to show additional facts about a property's location, from fire and flood zones to topography.

See your search results on an aerial photo or street map, and get additional information about your property in context.

For example, you can click on an aerial photo or street map and the parcel's boundary, ownership information and physical address will automatically pop up. Click again to see assessor data and other info. Many of our boundary layers are drawn in-house by our own drafting department, and are updated continually. In fact, our parcel layers are frequently more current and complete than the GIS layers maintained by the county.

Visual Layers: You Want It? You Got It!

PQ Online offers many other visual layers which you can use to customize and enhance maps with additional visual information, from boundary lines to topography to fire hazard severity.

PQ Online includes:

  • Road maps
  • Aerial photos — both orthogonal and oblique
  • Parcel boundaries
  • Public Land Survey System (PLSS) township, range and section boundaries
  • Topographical or "quad" maps
  • California Department of Forestry fire hazard severity zones
  • California Coastal Commission jurisdiction boundaries
  • US Department of Agriculture (USDA) soil surveys