Evaluate the Underlying Assessed

Value of Municipal Bonds

The market value of California municipal bond issues has always been affected by various risk factors, and attempting to quantify the effect of Prop 8 reassessments in recent years has been nearly impossible - until now! The unique interaction between Prop 8 and Prop 13 within a given bond issue's municipal district will have a profound effect on the long-term total assessed value of underlying properties. The PQ Finance metrics report provides a simple, detailed explanation of the effects of both assessment processes on the total assessed value of the issuing municipality or agency.

Metrics Report

In a convenient one-page format, these reports provide the answers to several key questions:

  • How much of the bond issue's underlying assessed value is subject to Prop 8 temporary reduction?
  • Is the issuing municipality or agency's Prop 8 exposure growing or shrinking?
  • How much assessed value recovery potential is being lost as Prop 8 properties resell and convert to Proposition 13 properties at the bottom of the market?

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