About ParcelQuest

So Good Even the County Assessors Use It

All property data providers claim to use county assessor parcel data as their starting point. But that's where the similarities end.

More Frequent Updates

ParcelQuest data is updated from live assessor databases with unparalleled frequency. While other sources get updates once a year, we get daily updates from most counties, and weekly or monthly updates from nearly all others. No other company’s data is updated from the assessor as frequently
as ours.
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No Data Entry Errors

Our records always match the county assessors’ records because our data is their data. It is uploaded directly into our system, so there’s no chance for data entry error. Our data is not keyed overseas or mixed with lesser data sources.

Standardized for User Friendliness

Finding and using cross-county data is a breeze with ParcelQuest because we've standardized all the data across the entire state into an easy-to-use format. Whether you're using PQ Online or downloading data for use in your own application, you don't have to deal with 58 different data
formats or variations. We've done the work for you.

Used by Assessors Themselves

All over California, county assessor offices use ParcelQuest every day to do their critical work. They refer customers to us, they link to us on their websites, and they trust us to deliver their data to you.
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