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The ParcelQuest team is on top of the latest trends and issues surrounding California property data. Click below to download our latest white papers about these hot topics.

Standardizing the California County Assessor Use Codes

Using knowledge gained from working directly with small assessors and their staff, ParcelQuest’s expert staff developed a three-phase methodology for standardizing the 58 county use code systems and assigned a standardized use description to every property in California. This white paper outlines the methods and procedures used to create this universal set of property use descriptions.
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GIS (Geographical Information Systems)

ParcelQuest recognizes the value in maintaining its own GIS maps. ParcelQuest GIS maps are drafted and updated by our own staff of cadastral mapping experts who possess decades of experience in parcel boundary maintenance. Combining our expertise in data standardization and cadastral mapping, ParcelQuest's maps and data are updated more frequently and are more accurate than any other available source. This whitepaper details the six (6) key benefits of the ParcelQuest GIS product: 1) The addition of missing parcels, 2) APN corrections, 3) Alignment improvement, 4) The addition of condominiums, timeshares and air space parcels, 5) Edge-matching, and 6) Miscellaneous layer standardization.
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