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ParcelQuest, in cooperation with DisclosureSave, announces the availability of Natural Hazard Disclosure Reports through its ParcelQuest Online product.

FOLSOM, CA., July 16, 2012 - ParcelQuest, in cooperation with DisclosureSave, announced today the availability of Natural Hazard Disclosure (NHD) reportsin its ParcelQuest online system, creating a much more convenient choice for real estate professionals and their clients. ParcelQuest customers will have the ability to order a Natural Hazard Disclosure report for any of the 13 million parcels across all 58 CA counties through their online ParcelQuest account.

A Natural Hazard Disclosure Statement is required under California law and requires that a seller of real property and their agent disclose when the property in question lies within one or more state or locally mapped hazard areas. ParcelQuest will provide Natural Hazard Disclosure reports mandated by Sec. 1103 California Civil Code. In addition to the six geologic hazard zones disclosure, each Natural Hazard Disclosure report provides Local Disclosures, Meth Lab & Database Disclosure (Megan’s Law), Military Ordnance and Mold Supplement. Supplemental Tax and Environmental reports are also available in the Gold and Platinum reports. ParcelQuest customers will also have the option of ordering the DisclosureSave Loss History report in conjunction with either of the Natural Hazard Disclosure reports.

Each Natural Hazard Disclosure report order will be fulfilled by DisclosureSave – a leading provider of Natural Hazard Disclosure Reports to the real estate industry. “Ordering a Natural Hazard Disclosure report through ParcelQuest will provide our real estate clients with several benefits,” says Grant Mulligan, president and owner of ParcelQuest. “Our customers can order the reports directly from a parcel’s detail page using their online ParcelQuest account, providing a much more streamlined approach to ordering Natural Hazard Disclosure reports. Additionally, our real estate customers can feel secure in knowing they’re ordering a report from DisclosureSave, one of the leaders in the hazard disclosure industry. This protects their customers and does so in a much more cost effective manner.”

In working with DisclosureSave to provide a more efficient option for ordering Natural Hazard Disclosure reports, ParcelQuest continues in its quest to provide customers with a much more comprehensive data set associated with each and every California parcel.